Workforce Action Teams

  4 Action Teams were launched from the Nursing Workforce Summit

   These teams are addressing the key components to achieve measurable results.

  • Retaining and Recruiting Nurses at the Bedside
    Mission: Developing a collaborative to explore retention strategies
    that are currently working or have not worked. 
    Team Co-Leads: Amy Bullington, Dr. Mary Fanning
    Team Members:
    Jim Kranz, Crystal Sheaves, Cynthia Persily, Valerie Jividen,
    Sandra Hugueley, Mary Fanning, Doug Mitchell, Michelle Mayhew, Pam Smithson,
    Robin McDaniel, Sandra Hugueley, Sandra Barill, Valerie Jividen, Tatem Grimm,
    Heather Glasko-Tully, Charles Wisilosky, Cindy Spahr, Deborah Tonelli,
    Carole Norton,
    Heidi Edwards, Julie Huron, Mark Eickbush, Mark Smith,
    Monica Iaquinta, Theresa Gain

    Proceedings of the Nurse Retention Collaborative
    Nurse Retention & Recruitment Toolkit

  • Expanding the Pipeline into Nursing
    Mission: Promoting and exposing students to the art and science of
    nursing, while nurturing and preparing students to enter nursing school.

    Team Lead: Dr. Lynda Turner
    Team Members:
    Andrea Criss, Drema Pierson, Kent Wilson, Julie Carr,
    Libby Bosley, Samantha Ash, Sandra Barill, Sue Painter, Valerie Jividen,
    Heather Glasko-Tully, Janet Bishof, Sandra Burrell, Cynthia Sundstrom.

    See details on the Education Team Page
    Faces of WV Nursing Poster Project


  • Facilitating the Pathways in Nursing Education
    Mission: Evaluating and proposing strategies to facilitate the pathways from admission through graduation from various levels of nursing education while preserving the importance of public safety and quality care."
    Team Lead: Dr. Pamela Alderman, Amy Bruce
    Team Members: Cheryl Vega, Denise Landry, Laura Boone, Libby Bosley, Sandra Wynn, Valerie Jividen, Susan Beth Robinson, Kari Ferro, Cynthia Sundstrum, Amy Bruce, Evelyn Martin, Heather Glasko-Tully, Michelle Towne.
    See details on the Education Team Page

  • Recruiting and Utilizing Nursing Faculty
    Mission: Developing innovative strategies for recruiting and efficiently using nursing faculty.
    Team Lead: Dr. Maryanne Capp
    Team Members: Tara Hulsey, Denise Landry, Amanda Abbott, Kent Wilson, Sandra Wynn, Evelyn Martin,Theresa Gain, Janet Bishof.
    See details on the Education Team Page

    ***If you are interested in joining one or more of these teams please e-mail your request to Aila at

     Huntington Pipeline Collaborative

l-r Aila, Dr. Lynda Turner (Marshall U), Teresa Ryan (Lincoln County

Schools), Tammy Minor (SNA Advisor) , Andrea Criss (Cabell Hosp)

Nursing Retention Collaborative

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