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We are an action coalition

charged with transforming health care through nursing in West Virginia.

National Campaign for Action

led by RWJF and AARP, marks an unprecedented initiative to address the increased demands for health care by using all the skills, talents, knowledge, and experience of nurses. 


Nurse Entrepreneur Project

The FONWV Leadership Team has developed a nurse entrepreneur course to inspire nurses and give them the skills to launch health related businesses.


Laure Marino, DNP, APRN

Our Leadership

I serve the Future of Nursing WV AC because my personal and professional values align with the mission of engaging in work that improves the health and wellness of our citizens. Nurses are THE expert on the patient experience. Using nursing knowledge and talent is the most  effective and efficient way to better health, for the individual, family, communities, and our state.


Ongoing Projects

The FON has sponsored numerous projects over the years to improve health our citizens and to advance the nursing profession.


We inspire Nurses 

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