Bedside Nursing Research Project

An important nursing workforce concern is the shortage of nurses continuing to work at the beside. To address this concern,  the Nursing Workforce Summit Retention/Recruitment Action Team is conducting a qualitative research project to ascertain the key factors contributing to bedside nurse longevity. They will be interviewing nurse managers and staff members who have longevity at the bedside and on their particular units. The research will be published and disseminated in presentations and publications.

The Researcher

Mary Hancock

Dr. Mary Hancock, Associate Professor of Nursing, Shepherd University School of Nursing is the lead investigator for this project as she has experience in qualitative research and a keen interest in nursing workforce concerns. She is an Editorial Advisory Board member of the peer-reviewed journal, The Qualitative Report, reviewing qualitative research from researchers across the globe.  She has also published and presented her qualitative research methodology. Dr. Hancock also serves on the RN Residency Program Advisory Board for Winchester Medical Center's RN Residency Program in Winchester, VA focusing on assisting new graduate nurses in transitioning to professional practice to keep the new graduate at the patient's bedside.

Mary E. Hancock, PhD, RNC-OB

Read the Abstract here, submitted for publication