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 Diversity Team

The Diversity & Equity Team is focuses their  efforts on improve the skills of nurses and nursing students with a goal of reducing health disparities.  Other action areas include mentoring and increasing diversity within the nursing profession. 

This team addresses the IOM recommendation numbers 2 & 7.

Expand opportunities for nurses to lead

Prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health.

diffuse collaborative improvement efforts.

Leader: Sandra Burrell, ADN, RN, Public Health Nurse, WV Bureau for Public Health


​Team Members:

Robin McDaniel, MSN PLNC RN, CNO, Montgomery General Hospital

Gabrielle Chapman, Executive Director, Call to Action for Racial Equality

Gregg Suzanne McAllister, President, Mothers of Diversity America

Aisha Reikow, APRN, Psych Nurse Practitioner

Myisha Robinson, Director Title V, WV Bureau of Senior Services

Angie Nixon, APRN, CNM, Nurse Midwife

Tiffany Plear, Partnership of African American Churches

Drema Smith, Chair, Civil Rights Committee, WV Department of Transportation

Teresa Johnson, RN

Angela Booker, BSN, RN, MS, Nursing Home Administrator/CEO

DeNeia Thomas, PhD, Chief of Staff, WV State University

Nicole Wilson-Carr, FNP-BC is a pediatric nurse practitioner

Crystal Lovett, RN, CLC, Mocha Milk in the Mountains