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Adult Education Course

Education Team

 The Education Team addresses the IOM recommendations of 

#3: Implement nurse residency programs.

#4: Increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80 percent by 2020.
#5: Double the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020.
#6: Ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning.


Nursing Workforce Summit Retention & Recruitment Action Team


Leaders: Dr. Mary Fanning, WVU Hospitals & Chris Thompson, CAMC

Projects: Nurse Retention Collaborative

                 Retention and Recruitment Toolkit
                 Bedside Nurse Retention Research Study

Team Members: See members on Workforce Action Teams and members of the Education Team

Expanding the Pipeline into Nursing

Mission: Promoting and exposing students to the art and science of nursing, while nurturing and preparing students to enter nursing school.

Team Lead: Tammy Minor, DNP, is an Associate Professor at Marshall University School of Nursing

Team Members: Emily Starks, Judy Reed, Andrea Criss, Ashley Torres, Kent Wilson, Julie Carr, Libby Bosley, Lynda Turner, Samantha Ash, Sandra Barill, Sue Painter, Valerie Jividen, Heather Glasko-Tully, Sandra Burrell, Cynthia Sundstrom, Julie Carr, Libby Bosley, Loretta Thompson, Marian Longstreth, Stephanie Decker, Tammy Minor, Teresa Ryan


Pipeline Initiatives include: 

The team is expanding and promoting the Toolkit along with developing a middle and high school "Faces of WV Nursing" poster campaign.

Facilitating the Pathways in Nursing Education

Mission: Evaluating and proposing strategies to facilitate the pathways from admission through graduation from various levels of nursing education while preserving the importance of public safety and quality care.

Team Lead: Amy Bruce, DNP, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Chair, Program Director Capito Department of Nursing

Team Members: Cheryl Vega, Denise Landry, Libby Bosley, Sandra Wynn, Valerie Jividen, Susan Beth Robinson, Kari Ferro, Evelyn Martin, Heather Glasko-Tully, Michelle Towne, Cynthia Persily, Jordyn

Recruiting and Utilizing Nursing Faculty

Mission: Developing innovative strategies for recruiting and efficiently using nursing faculty.

Team Lead: Stacy Huber, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE. Senior Lecturer, West Virginia University

Team Members: Tara Hulsey, Denise Landry, Kent Wilson, Sandra Wynn, Evelyn Martin, Theresa Gain, Janet Bishof, Huixin Wu, Theresa Jones, Alexis Hicks, Teresa Ritchie, Theresa Jackson, Cheryl Winter, Rhonda White

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The National goal is 80% BSN by 2020. According to the recent White Paper The Impact of BSN Education on Nursing Practice: Moving toward the “80/20” Recommendation in WV, WV is at about 42%.


Pathways Initiatives include:


The team is working on developing better data and more efficient nursing school placements through expanding the use of a uniform application process and developing partnerships between career/technical and baccalaureate nursing programs.

Faculty Initiatives include:

  • WV State of WV Nursing Faculty White Paper

The team is researching, writing, and publishing a white paper on the State of WV Nursing Faculty. The paper will highlight data, concerns, and recommendations.

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