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Treatment plan

Leadership Team

This team addresses the IOM recommendation numbers 2 & 7.

.Prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health.

  Create opportunities for nurses to lead and diffuse collaborative improvement efforts.


Laure Marino, DNP, APRN


Alvita Nathaniel - WVU School of Nursing,  retired

Angela Gray- Berkley Health Department

Brenda Isaac - Kanawha County Schools,  retired 

Karen Wilkinson -Kepro Healthcare

Kim Houchin - Minnie Hamilton Health Syste

Roger Carpenter - WVU School of Nursing

Nancy Atkins - WV Secretary of Medical Services,  retired 

Mary Lynn Withrow - WVU Medicine

Dawn Yost - WVU Medicine

Trisha Petitte - WVU School of Nursing

Lori McFarland - St Mary's Medical Center

Amy Bruce - University of Charleston School of Nursing

Theresa Cowan - WVU School of Nursing

Stacie Trotter - St Mary's Medical Center

Carol Bolton - Raleigh General Hospital

Afton Reedy - St Mary's Medical Center


Nurses on Boards
Educating and placing nurses on board and in policy-making positions.

We are a partner with the National Nurses on Boards Coalition and have successfully placed 10,000 nurses on Boards and Commissions nationwide. 
Register your board service or your interest in Board service here: 


40 Under 40
Recognizing and Supporting

emerging nurse leaders. 

40 Over 40 Awards
Recognizing exemplary nurses

 practicing for over 40 years

Nurse Leadership Academy
Transition to Practice



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