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Hospital Corridors

Leadership Team

 The Future of Nursing WV Action Coalition is governed by a board comprised of one representative from our founding organizations, WVONL, WVNA and WVHA, ADDNE (a nursing education leadership organization), The Center for Nursing, AARP, and the Executive Director. This team provides direction, manages the financial and volunteer resources and guides the operations of the Future of Nursing WV.

Current board members are:

Joyce Wilson, MSN, APRN West Virginia Nurses Association

Lya Stroupe, DNP, RN, West Virginia Organization of Nurse Leaders

Jim Krantz, West Virginia Hospital Association

Amy Bruce, Association of Deans and Directors

Jordyn Reed, Administrator,  WV Center for Nursing

Gaylene Miller, WV AARP

We have five work teams led by:

Practice: Dr. Toni DiChicaccio, APRN

Education: Dr. Amy Bruce 

Data: Jordyn Reed

Diversity: Sandy Burrell, RN


Co- Executive Director


Co- Executive Director

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