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​​Online Transition to Practice & Leadership Courses


Project Leads: Mary Fanning, Laure Marino

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  • Tranistion to Practice/Residency

  • Nursing Management

  • Preceptoring

  • Mentoring

Growing Nursing Careers​

Project Leads: Lynda Turner, Pam Alderman, & Sandra Burrell

Nursing Education Toolkit

​A Toolkit containing resources for  School Counselors, Teachers, Students and Parents on the changes in nursing education and expanding roles for nurses to encourage more bright students to prepared to successfully enter nursing education programs.

Faces of WV Poster Project


Project Lead: Laure Marino

40 Under 40

​​This initiative is designed to attract and support emerging nurse leaders to grow and stay in WV.

40 Over 40 

​This initiative is designed to recognize exemplary nurses in practice for over 40 years and support them to mentor the next generation of leaders. The focus of this initiative is to address the growing expertise gap in nursing as experienced nurses retire.

Nurses on Boards

This initiative expands the impact of nursing leadership on boards and in policy making positions. It is part of a national initiative to have 10,000 nurses on boards by 2020.

Nurse Excellence Awards

Recognizing WV  nurses leading change, advancing health


Mentor Directory

Faith Community Nurse Directory

WV Nurses in Business Directory

Faces of WV Nursing
Faces of WV Nursing


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Nursing Workforce Summit
Nursing Workforce Summit


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Health through Nurses
Health through Nurses


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Faces of WV Nursing
Faces of WV Nursing


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Expanding Access to Care

Modernizing Nursing Practice

Project Lead: Toni DiChiacchio

The project is to improve access to care, especially in rural areas of WV by modernizing current practice statutes that inhibit full autonomous practice of Advanced Practice Nurses (APRNs). APRNs include: Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist as well as Clinical Nurse Specialists. Read & Download Fact Sheets

Nurse Entrepreneur Project

Project Leads: Laure Marino & Aila Accad

This is an economic development project intended to increase access to care through increasing nurse led businesses in WV. The project includes a course, business coaching and the development of a nurse entrepreneur directory.

Creating a Culture of Health

Faith Community Nursing Toolkit and Directory

Project Leads: Angel Smothers 

This team seeks to improve the Culture of Health in WV by strengthening the Faith-Based/Community Nursing efforts in rural WV.

Health Ambassador RN Project

Project Lead: Cheryl Vega