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RWJF Public Health Nurse Leadership Award

The Future of Nursing West Virginia Action Coalition is pleased to announce that Angela Gray, BSN, RN, Berkeley County Health Department Director of Nursing is one of only 25 nurses from across the country selected as a Public Health Nurse Leader by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


She participated in a two-year leadership development program designed to strengthen the capacity of senior public health nurses to improve health and lead collaboration in their communities. Gray worked closely with the Future of Nursing WV Action Coalition to implement recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s Report on the Future of Nursing, as part of the National Campaign for Action, which states “What nursing brings to the future is a steadfast commitment to patient care, improved safety and quality, and better outcomes.”

Once the first year of leadership development was completed, a team was assembled to implement the leadership project. The Project Team went to Chicago September 6-9, 2016 to develop an implementation plan for the project.

Angela presented this project and her Berkley County Opioid Risk Reduction Project at the CDC in Atlanta followed by a graduation reception and dinner sponsored by RWJF (photos below).

Project: Faith/Community Nurse Leadership

Leads: Angela Gray, Public Health Nurse Leader, Aila Accad, FONWV

Partners: WVU School of Nursing, Community Health Nursing
                  West Virginia Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits Network

                   Immaculate Conception Parish Nurses, Clarksburg

Funding: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

                  Center for Creative Leadership


Proposed Outcomes & Measures of Success

Outcome 1: Strengthen the role of faith-community nurses to improve the culture of health for WV families using an interdisciplinary team leadership approach

​Outcome 2: Support the expansion of faith-community nursing in WV

​Outcome 3: Develop and implement an online faith-community nursing toolkit & network

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