Nursing Retention Collaborative

Tammy Nimmo
WV RN Retention Collaborative
                            Friday, April 27, 2018
                     Hendrickson Conference Center


9:30   Registration


9:45   Welcome, Introduction to Team, Aila Accad

           Milestones and Outcomes for the Day, Jim Kranz


10:00 The Nurse Extern Program: What is it and why you need it?

           Rose Morgan, VP of Patient Care Services

           Princeton Community Hospital


10:20 CAMC Nurse Residency Program: Where We Are Now

            Cindy Spahr, Professional Nursing Education Specialist

            Nurse Resident Coordinator,   

            Charleston Area Medical Center


10:40  Strategies of a Retention Specialist

            Tatem Grimm, Retention Specialist,

             Charleston Area Medical Center

​11:00  Creating a Culture for Retention

           Sandra Hugueley, CNO

           Logan Regional Medical Center


11:15 Questions for the Panel- Nurse Extern and Graduate Nurses

          Rose Morgan, Tatem Grimm, Cindy Spahr, Sandra Hugueley


11:30 Uniform Measurement of Nursing Turnover Rates

          Jim Kranz, VP of Quality and Data Services

          WV Hospital Association


12:00- Lunch and Networking


12:30 Who’s the Boss? - Engaging Nurse Managers in Shared Governance

          Tammy Nimmo, Director of Surgical Services,

          St. Mary’s Medical Center


12:55 The Shared Governance Journey at WVU Medicine

          Lya Cartwright-Stroupe, Manager of Nursing Research and

          Professional Development  Magnet Program Director,

          WVU Medicine


1:20 Questions for the Panel- Shared Governance

        Tammy Nimmo and Lya Cartwright-Stroupe


1:30 Voice of the Nurse: Ongoing Outcomes of a Nurse Commuter Program

        Mary Fanning, Director of Nursing Administration

        WVU Medicine


1:50 Support = Retention:  Redesign of a Patient Safety Program 

        Mary Fanning, Director of Nursing Administration

       WVU Medicine


2:10 World Café- How can we implement retention strategies in our facility?

  • NDNQI Nurse Satisfaction Survey- Mark Eickbush

  • Employee Engagement Survey and Action Planning - Amy Bullington

  • Retaining Millennials - Tatem Grimm

  • Benefits of Stay and Exit Interviews - Mary Fanning

  • Shared Governance - Tammy Nimmo and Lya Cartwright- Stroupe


3:10 Building a Leaning Collaborative

        Amy Bullington, Nurse Manager, Cabell Huntington Hospital


3:30 Wrap up and evaluations

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WV RN Retention Collaborative
WV RN Retention Collaborative
WV RN Retention Collaborative
Sandra Hugueley
Cindy Spahr
Jim Kranz
Dr. Mary Fanning
Rose Morgan
Lya Stroupe