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Business Meeting

Shared Data Group

Leader: Jordyn Reed, Administrator, WV Center for Nursing


​Team Members:

Christian Weiss- West Virginia Junior College 

Kent Wilson, Association of Deans and Directors

Susan Russell-  WV Organization of Nurse Leaders

Lya Stroupe- WV Organization of Nurse Leaders

Mary Fanning- WVU Med

Terri Lyons- WVU Med

Martha Snider, WV K-12 Schools

Jacqueline D Pring- Charleston Area Medical Center 

Jim Kranz -  WV Hospital Association

Hallie Morgan- WV Hospital Association 

Sue Painter -  WV Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses

Cynthia Persily -  WV Higher Education Policy Commission 

Jon Casto -  WV Nurses Association

Michelle Mayhew -  WV Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional Nurses

Laure Marino-  Future of Nursing WV

Chris Bly-Future of Nursing WV

Tessa White- Future of Nursing WV  

To see more workforce data, visit the Center for Nursing website by         clicking  here

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