Nurse Leader Award Winners Announced

The Future of Nursing West Virginia Action Coalition proudly Announces the 2017 40 under 40 Emerging Nurse Leader cohort: Adam Curry, Afton Reedy, Amy Litwinovich, Andrea Cline, Angel Smothers, Beth ross, Brittney Hall, Cari Morgan, Charles Wisilosky, Emily Barnes, Emily Galeota, Emily Starks, Heather Higgins, Hilary Moles, Hilary Parcell, Jennifer Wickline, Jenny Imler, Jessica Martin, Jodi Biller, Jodie Rose, Kat Deremer, Kelly Lemon, Kelly Morton, Kendra Barker, Krystal Tawney, Leah Knaggs, Lindsay Skaff, Lissa Gonzalez, Mark Smith, Mary Mitchell, Melissa Watson, Nathaniel Collins, Samantha Spitzer, Stephanie Malone, Tiffany Miller, Tiffany Muhly, Mackenize Lanham, Skylar Marsh, Landon Blankenship and Heather Glasko-Tully. Please join us in Congratulating these young Nurse Leaders. Scroll over photos to learn more about them on the website.

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