Strategic Plan 2017-2020

National Overview:  Backed by AARP Foundation, AARP, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Future of Nursing: Campaign to Champion Nursing in America works in every state to mobilize nurses, health providers, consumers, educators, and businesses to strengthen nursing on multiple fronts. Our goals are based on recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Future of Nursing report.


The Future of Nursing West Virginia serves as the driving force for transforming the culture of health and health care through nursing in our state. The Action Coalition’s vision is for all West Virginians to have access to high-quality, person-centered care where nurses lead change to advance health. The mission is advancing IOM recommendations while being inclusive of diverse nursing and non-nursing individuals and organizations.


Overall Goals: 


1.  Serve as a coalition whereby co-sponsoring organizations (WVNA, WVONE, and WVHA) and strategic partners (CFN, ADDNE) will work collectively to support the healthcare workforce to advance health for West Virginians.


 2.  Implement strategies to fully implement all IOM recommendations in WV by 2020.


3.  Assure fiscal responsibility and stewardship for funding sources (sponsoring organizations, organizational and individual members, grants, product revenues, and donations)


4.  Actively address workforce analysis, planning, and strategies for the healthcare workforce in the state of WV.

The FONWV Operations Team developed the Strategic Plan in December 2016. The Operations Team includes the Co-Lead representatives of the WV Hospital Association (Jim Kranz), WV Nurses Association (Cassy Taylor) and WV Organization of Nurse Executives (Dr. Mary Fanning). and representatives from the Association of Deans and Directors of Nursing Education (Dr.Pamela Alderman), WV Center for Nursing (Jordyn Reed),  AARP State Director (Gaylene Miller) and

Executive Director (Aila Accad) 

Strategic Plan 2017-2020